At work in my studio, I search for balance, elegance, and meaning in very simple things - in the Everyday. Making and using ceramic objects helps me locate this quiet beauty, so often lost in the rush and routine of daily life.

And, I enjoy the challenge of making work that is as useful as it is beautiful/quiet/small. I work hard to create durable pieces that can compete technically with commercial tableware, without sacrificing the texture, presence and resonance of the handmade.

I work in small editions and give my full attention and respect to every object. The tableware collection for purchase through this website has been honed from years of experiments and experience crafting work for chefs, private clients, and my own home. A small selection of one-of-kind vessels is also available for sale.

If you are interested in commissioning work for your home or restaurant, or for wholesale inquiries and all other questions please email me at:

A big THANK YOU to the following NYC restaurants for supporting my work and using my tableware in their exceptional service:

Achilles Heel, Marlow & Sons, Alameda, Reynard and The Wythe Hotel, The Four Horsemen, and OPS.

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